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Tor Multimix produce quality pan-mixed traditional floor screeds.

These quality floor screeds can be enhanced with admixtures from Knopp Contopp to retard setting times, reduce drying times and enhance early strength gain. Tor Multimix specialise in the supply of Gyvlon flowing screed and can offer a supply and lay package in conjunction with our local Gyvlon approved contractor.

Our specialist screeds include the use of Knopp Contopp products for faster drying times.

The Difference Between Concrete and Screed

Concrete and screed are similar – they are both made from the same basic materials: cement, water and aggregates (e.g. sand and stone). But, when it comes to their use as building materials, concrete and screed are very different from each other.

To put it simply, concrete is used for construction and structural tasks, while screed is applied on top of a concrete base to provide a smooth, even and long-lasting finish.

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