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How much do I require?

We can help work that out, but have the flexibility to change that on delivery too.

Will I have too much or not enough?

No we will drop exactly what you order.

Will I have waste to remove afterwards?

No we drop exactly what you need and leave no waste to clean up. However depending on the situation there may be a small charge associated with this.

Will I get any extra hidden charges added?

No again, you will get charged for the concrete delivered and not empty space on a mixer.

Can I order extra?

Yes we can increase or decrease the amount given suffient notice which is usually 3pm the working day before supply.

Can I cancel if the weather is bad?

Yes and we will reschedule at no extra cost.

What mix or consistency do I need?

We will discuss this with you and give you advice based on our years of experience.

Can the concrete be pumped into an awkward area?

Yes we have full pumping facilities and our trained staff are always eager to help.

What are you payment methods?

Should you be in the building industry and a regular user, subject to satisfactory references, we can offer credit account facilities. Otherwise, we offer credit / debit card at order placement time.

How long do I get before the concrete sets?

Once the concrete arrives on site, you will normally have between 1 and 2 hours to place, level and compact the concrete and to finish the surface. This will vary depending on the concrete mix ordered and the weather conditions at the time of delivery.

What am I responsible for if I place an order for a concrete pump?

You should ensure that the (agreed) area for the pump is accessible and clear for set up and access for the mixers. If possible, provide a bag of cement for grouting the line (otherwise we can provide another product at a small charge). Should there be nowhere available under your responsibility to wash out the hopper of the pump after finishing the pour, then you must provide a box 1.5m by 1.5m by 0.3m high lined with plastic that we can use. The waste is your responsibility to move and dispose of.

What is the minimum width through which a mixer can access and how far do the chutes reach?

Provided the vehicle can turn in so that it is square to the entrance and provided there are no overhanging trees or other obstructions at height, the minimum width required is 2.7m or 8ft 10 inches. Please remember that in general, minimix trucks are the same width as larger trucks. They only differ in their shorter length and hence turning circle and manoeuvrability. The chutes reach approximately up to 2.4m from the back of the truck or 1.2m from the side of the truck.

Will the driver of the mixer discharge into wheelbarrows and help push the barrow or lay the concrete?

The driver will discharge into wheelbarrows, however you should advise us of this at the time you place the order, otherwise you may cause delays to other customers. If you consider it necessary, you should protect pavements and roads in case of spillage. The driver will of course help to wash down this area after delivery, although we will not accept responsibility for cleaning any spillage. Unfortunately, our drivers are too busy operating the mixer to be able to help with the laying or barrow.

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